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Every software provider in the world has something that sets them apart and focuses on different themes and creates casino games in a certain way. Some only stick to classic fruit machines while others go all out and create stunning 3D slot machines. Barcrest is one of the oldest software providers that still create slot machines to this day, but while for others this would mean outdated casino games transposed into the online and the same thing over and over again, for Barcrest it's not nearly the case. Read our review below to find out more about Barcrest software provider and what they are capable of!

Barcrest Software Provider History

Barcrest actually has a long history as a software provider because this company dates back to 1968. They are based in the United Kingdom and at some point in gambling history, every single slot machine in British pubs or casinos were made by Barcrest. They were huge from the 1970s to the 1990s before the internet took over the gambling industry. They've had quite a tumultuous existence because they were bought in 1998 by IGT, but they didn't remain under this huge software provider's umbrella for the rest of their days. In 2011 they were sold a second time, this time to Scientific Games. Back then it was worth 50 million dollars. Even though they've been sold several times, Barcrest is still going strong as a brand and enjoys a lot of recognition, especially in the United Kingdom. They're going strong and creating awesome slot machine games, even online slot machine games from 2000. They didn't stick to those that made them who they are, the classic slots, instead they started to spice things up and they stepped up their game. Nowadays they create awesome video slot machines with great graphics and game-play.

Barcrest trademarks

Since they've been around for a long time they have also created slot machines that have revolutionized the industry. In fact, they were among the first software providers to make break out bonuses that include board game type rounds in which you can win better prizes. Barcrest software provider was also the company to bring to the United Kingdom the five reel setup instead of the classic three reel one. The online slot games created by them that we see today have a never before seen innovation that really impressed us. This is the high roller playing option. It will allow you to choose a smaller number of spins to play at a higher cost. By using this option you will unlock extra features or get much better payouts. A good example is the 'try again free spins' feature that you'll find in the Ooh Aah Dracula video slot machine. A trademark you will easily notice is that when you are playing a Barcrest online slot machine in between spins you will hear no sound whatsoever. While most online slot machines have an ongoing tune playing in the background continuously, these ones go completely silent when you aren't spinning. Another interesting thing about their video slot games is that you can tell that they've been making them for a long time. Even in those that don't use the latest graphics or animations, you can still feel the experience. Each and every one of their online slot machines has gameplay that seems to flow and that engages you and immerses you in the theme.

Best Barcrest online slot machine games

Over time, Barcrest has created some truly iconic online slot machines that have stood the test of time, such as Rainbow Riches or Monty's Millions. Even their newer online slot machines have managed to impress and become a public favorite in no time like King of the Aztecs of Merry Money. Ooh Aah Dracula is the perfect example of such a casino game because it was played by millions of players. This casino game was created on a vampire theme, but instead of presenting the classic version of Dracula that we've seen so many times, the Barcrest software providers decided to a cool and funny approach to this character. This video slot machine has two great bonus games. One of them is the classic free spins bonus game, while the other gives you the chance to pick gravestones for extra prizes. As we were saying before it also has the high roller option so there's plenty to win with this casino game. All in all, it's highly entertaining and fun even if you don't use the high-roller option and go for the lowest possible bet. It's definitely a Barcrest casino game every gambler must try! If you're looking for a beautiful casino game then Thai Flower might be a great option for you. With a lovely theme and an even more lovely central character this video slot machine will entice you right away and have you spinning for hours. The gameplay flows almost uninterrupted and gives you a feeling of tranquility like few slots manage. Merry Money is another Barcrest classic that's plenty of fun. This one is based on the classic tale of Robin Hood and his friends. With amazing graphics and highly entertaining bonus games you will be happy to take from the rich and give to... yourself!

Why play casino games by Barcrest Software Provider

You should play their video slot machines because, first of all, it's like taking a spin through history. Since they've been creating casino games for so long they're the provider you want to check out to see the evolution of slots. Other than that... they're fun, they're entertaining and they have big wins to offer. Graphically speaking they have improved immensely. And you can literally find any type of casino game you can think of! So it's not why you should play them... but really why wouldn't you give them a spin?

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