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Intervision Gaming

Intervision Gaming is the most successful software provider investing in high-technology and revolutionary gaming products, which basically makes this casino games provider a leader in the industry. It's well-known for its rich graphics and innovative gameplay, stepping its food in the tech area thanks to its technology assets and excellent products.
  1. Intervision Software Provider History
  2. Intervision Gaming Online Casino Games Features
  3. Best Intervision Gaming Online Casino Games
  4. Reasons to Play Intervision Gaming Free Slot Machines
  5. Conclusion

Intervision Software Provider History

The free slot machines provider has been officially launched in 2015 and the company priority was to develop game cabinets and software for land-based casinos. After reaching the desired success in the field, the free casino online software company focused on turning the land based games into online casino games. While the software provider used touchscreen technology for its real world casinos, the developers preferred to implement another type of technology to give its online casinos an unique touch, something that makes them relevant and different from anything on the market. The gaming provider made a goal out of developing on multiple domains at the same time, taking over the business hence why they strategically positioned its headquarters and operation all over the world such as the UK, Mexico, Peru, Macau, South Africa, Cyprus, and the US.

Intervision Gaming Online Casino Games Provider Features

Since the Intervision software provider has a variety of products line, they continue to expand its software through the use of the latest HTML5 technology. Up to this day, the innovative free slots machine provider has designed three series for its gambling platform. The series include:
  • Schmart
  • MegaVision
  • Ultravision
SchmartSL 2000 is a land-based free slot machine with touchscreen monitors and high definition images, best conditions for the players to come back for more. It has a very futuristic design, which allows players to enter their comfort zone and come back for more because the entire experience is a unique one. MegaVision comes with a 26 inch LCD touchscreen, that facilitates the playing and the view as well. The monitor brings the slot machine's symbols at the tip of your fingers and the clear view will basically enhance the visibility and the moment as it is. Ultravision is a dual-screen slot machine that comes with programmed button panel. The best features of this lay in the digital sound and latest speakers and, of course, the extremely good graphics. All three of them offer a selection of online slots for its free online casinos, from non-progressive to progressive jackpot. Based on the same technics, Intervision Gaming provider has integrated a large number of popular software programs mostly in the UK, where all these online gamblers can be played in a desktop computer browser in instant play or in the mobile version of your smartphone or tablet, being compatible with all operation systems such as Android or iOS. On top of that, the free slot machines supplier works even more on offering a random number generator to offer fair and honest results for the players to make sure they receive the best and genuine casino games. The free slot software provider has multilingual support and its casino games accept multi-currencies for players all around the world to enjoy their provided slot machines and not only. Furthermore, the online casino games supplier takes legislation really serious and it's committed to working with Gaming Regulators and Governments all over the world to meet all the laws and regulations, to make sure its games are licensed and meet all the correct and legal rules.

Best Intervision Gaming Online Casino Games

The complete Intervision software provider catalog offers just 25 free slot machines. Their themes vary from Wild West to mysticism, to Asian culture, BigFoot and much more. The design of the games is most of the time very similar, with 2D images that are identical to carnival marquee. Players shouldn't mind that there are fewer games than other providers offer. That's because this free slot machines software provider puts quality over quantity so there's definitely a significant difference in their games and any other you may encounter. What Intervision software provider focuses mostly on combining high-resolution graphics with exciting videos and high standard sound to make the gambling experience an amazing one for the players. Each video slot or other casino game have a wild symbol, scatter symbol and many other special features. Some of the most popular and exciting online casino games they offer are:
  • Circus Carnival
  • Great Apes
  • Masquerade
  • Panda
  • Red Hot Jackpot
  • Ten Tigers
  • The Great Empire
To make its gamblers even happier, the online slot provider also has a bingo game, Viva Bingo, which is a bingo product that lets gamblers try some fast playing games.

Reasons to Play Intervision Gaming Free Slot Machines

Probably the biggest reason why you should consider trying this free slot machines supplier is the respect and involvement it has for the players and their needs, being extremely committed to their requirements and constantly evolving and bringing new technology for their gambles. The few online casino games they provide are quality products, with different features and personalized bonuses for any gambler to win. The fact that Intervision software provider is investing in both land-based casinos and online casinos as well, gives more chances of testing their products, regardless if it's online or a real casino.


Intervision Gaming is the type of company that knows what its public wants, works every day to increase the good quality of the products, both land-based and online gamblers as well. Regardless if you have already tried their land slot machines, you must give it a try! See it for yourself!

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