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JPM Interactive

When you find a company with forty years of experience in the background, you have a lot to talk about. This is the case today so we need some organization. We need a table of contents to start with:

The company, the team

JPM Interactive provider is specialized in casino online slot machines of all kinds and themes. You will be amazed when we'll tell you that as a project it dates back to the year of 1972! Imagine how much experience these folks have gathered! Well, it's a lot because now they are one of the big names in the gaming industry, thanks to the investments they made in cutting-edge technology, and game development. Because of its long history, JPM Interactive provider has an impressive collection of online slot machines that we will look upon in a couple of minutes. First, we would like to summarily tell you about the people behind JMPi casino software supplier, the ones that make it happen every single day:

Simon Herbert

  • Owner, visionary and the man responsible for expanding the company;
  • Has a background of more than 30 years in casino industry;
  • Expert in e-gaming, technology, and development of online game software;
  • Recognized authority in the field of trustworthy international commissions;

Terry Mason

  • Comprehensive experience in financial and legal problems;
  • Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission as an expert;
  • More that 25 years of working in the industry of casino slot machines;

Ray Peacock

  • Experienced in management in online casino gaming industry;
  • Analytical and good with handling data about customers and products in order to improve and develop towards perfection;
  • Expert in customer support and driven by high-quality standards for all products of JPM Interactive;
  • Also, a veteran, with more than 25 years of creating successful casino software;
  • Free Online Slot Machine from JPM Interactive Provider
We are happy that in this very article, we talk about a company that we are proud of. JMPi knows all there is to know about online casino games and what makes them be popular among players. In their portfolio, they have everything. From slots with 3 reels to progressive jackpots and special features. From classic-looking fruit-themes slot machines to more modern content. And it's still growing! Games from JPM Interactive hold onto the simple style of first appeared slot machines in history! They don't have any paytable, info, help menu because you do no actually need them. All you need is already on the screen. Even if it might take a little time to get used to all those blinking lights, JPMi slots are far from complicated or full of crazy symbols that you need to memorize! They do have autoplay option, though, letting you set out up to 100 games in a row that play by themselves why you stand and look at them. We highly appreciate the original names they came up with, compared to other casino providers on the market, like let's say Altea Gaming. Let us enumerate some of the free online slot machines you'll play from this old and wise software provider:
  • 5iveLiner - a free online slot game that is simple and quite straightforward. You get five fixed winning lines and three reels, that maximizes your gambling experience. It is a classic, with symbols like fruits and Lucky 7s.
  • Turbo Gold – lemons, cherries, grapes, you name it, it's here! This is some sort of Fuiterra in JMP Interactive provider's portfolio. They have introduces a turbo gamble option that makes things even more interesting and competing.
  • Eldorado Max Power – a slot machine inspired by the Wild Wild Chest and bringing all of its riches in your pockets. Simple, yes impressive, it has a progressive jackpot and many other surprises waiting.
  • Kerching – it has the looks and it has the easy winnings mechanism that will make you stick to your screen. This slot machine is simple, yet exciting and we enjoy playing it.
  • A Pot of Gold – if you are lucky! And we know you are, this is the way this casino game is good for you. It has a very positive upbringing background that brightens the screen and makes you thing about riches. Symbols here are clovers, horseshoes, and rainbows, and if you think this is childish, thing again!
  • Big X – steal all over the place, gives you room to concentrate on your winning and reels spin for good. The Jack's Pot is maximum 200,00 credit points and we hope you get it soon.
  • 4th Dimension – this slot machine is something else! It offers 8 paylines and 3 reels but also a progressive jackpot. How cool is that?
  • Criss Cross – it has a progressive jackpot, turbo play and turbo cash, a fruity theme, and easy wins. Can you possibly ask for more?
  • Black Magic – perfect for beginners, this casino slot is having "luck" written all over it. The symbols are inspired by magic and the progressive will sure put a spell on you!
The rest of the games from JMP Interactive provider can be found in casinos or other gambling establishments, and so they can only be played for real money. If you like what you tried for free, look for JMPi products the next time you visit a gambling realm.


What we like the most about the games from JPM Interactive provider is the fact that they are very fair towards the player. You win based on your luck and not by some sort of mechanism that serves the company's best interests. As a drawback, we could mention that best slot machines from JMPi are available only physically and on real money and what they offer online is like a demo for players to try their products. Online, one of the casino you can find their games in is called 32Red Casino. Here you can play both free, as a trial but also for real money thus benefiting from feature promotions, bonuses and awards the casino might offer to you. Last, but not least, JPM Interactive provider is one of those game developers that encourage responsible play as gambling can sometimes become overacted. This is why on their website, you will find a special section with useful links and contact information for organizations whose goal is to prevent online casino industry from going the wrong way. We appreciate companies that take such a good care of their customers and think beyond money and gain. Their efforts are distributed equally between making a memorable experience for the players and also provide fraud-proofed and fair gaming systems that will assure equity among users.

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