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While most software providers choose one type of casino games or one platform and try to shine in that area, Pariplay software provider has tried everything and even succeeded at them. They might not be the most famous software provider on a single type of online casino games, but they are still a force to be reckoned with in any domain that they choose. Continue reading the review to find out everything that makes Pariplay special and what exactly they can offer for your entertainment.

Pariplay History

Pariplay appeared in 2010, which in this industry makes them pretty new, and they have offices in Gibraltar and Tel Aviv. Their team is made up of more than 40 experts in the gaming industry that focus on creating the best online slot machines and casino games and also making sure that the transit from online casinos to the players’ homes runs perfectly smooth. Because they like to be ahead of their game, Pariplay software provider has decided to take on social gambling, a type which at the moment isn’t being fully taking advantage of by other online casino game producers. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, but right now other types of game producers are taking advantage of it and you can’t gamble on those games, instead you invest money to get ahead or just play it by having a lot of friends on social media. Social media and mobile devices work incredibly well together so by creating online casino games that work on both these amazing platforms you are basically taping into a huge source that can really propel you ahead of your competition. Since they have already started working on this front they are going strong and it really comes to show how much you can achieve if you play the right cards. Their online slots machine entitled Crazy Cash Slots has reached more than one million active users on Facebook which makes it one of the most successful social apps of since their beginning.

Pariplay trademarks

One thing that sets Pariplay software providers apart from their competition is that they have created all of their online slot machines in such a way that they work flawlessly across all devices, from laptops and desktops to smartphones and tablets. This combined, with all the channels including the social media ones, makes it so that their online slot machines are available and a good choice for basically every type of player out there. No matter what preferences you have, Pariplay will make sure that they are met and that you can enjoy one of their online casino games with ease. If you think that Pariplay software provider is just like most of those in the gambling industry and only makes online slot machines then you’re wrong. They actually have created a diverse portfolio of online casino games and land-based casino games. Their portfolio includes keno, bingo, lottery and many others. When trying to recognize a Pariplay online slot machine you should see if the casino game has a cartoon-like design and a funny twist in it, no matter what kind of theme had been used. Since at the moment at which we are writing this review this software provider doesn’t have a huge amount of online slot machines we can’t really find a more detailed pattern or trademarks that you can find in each and every one of their video slot machines. One thing we know for sure is that they don’t use the same themes that we’ve seen done again and again and they go for the less obvious ones. Instead of focusing on underwater and Egypt themed slots for example, they would much rather try creating video slot machines with a dinosaur or romance theme. This adds a level of excitement because once you start playing their video slots and become accustomed to their style and want to try more and more, the element of surprise will still be there. There’s no knowing what they will come up with next so you will always be excited to try the new addition.

Best Pariplay online slot games

We like several of the video slot games offered by this software provider, but we did our best and are going to present to you what we think is the top 3 at the moment. If you want to know what you were missing is a night out on the town where you can really relax and let loose to some jams, but at the same time don’t really feel like getting out of the house then we have the perfect solution for you... an amazing video slot! Tokyo Nights is a five reels and 25 pay lines video slot that combines a classic oriental theme with a night-life setting to make things a lot more fun. This video slot doesn’t even have regular game-play in which you just get a bunch of free spins and get it over with. Instead, you will receive wilds, stray wilds, scatter wins and a special bonus game. If there’s one moment in history that all those that lived it would like to return to and those that didn't get a chance to would love to then that’s the 60s. Who wouldn’t enjoy the flower power movement, being a hippie, militating for peace and for love? In Reel Groovy video slot you get to do just that. A great feeling and nostalgia is not all there is to this video slot since triggering the free spins bonus round has the potential to reel in a lot of money. Witch Craft is another special and interesting video slot that Pariplay software provider brings to the table. Here you get a rather interesting combination of a scary Halloween-inspired theme with a lot of amusement. The five reels and 25 pay lines online casino game is quirky and loads of fun, but the best thing about it is probably the fact that it gives you the opportunity to win a lot of money.

Why play casino games by Pariplay Software Provider

You should give this online slot machine producer a chance because they have a lot to offer and keep growing and expanding and it doesn’t seem like they’ve peaked just yet. Pariplay software provider is a company that you should keep your eyes on because they seem to be going on an upward spiral.

PariPlay Games

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