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The online gambling industry is growing quickly and with it, numerous software providers are trying to dominate the competition. Online slot machines are the go to games when speaking about gambling on the Internet. Based on the traditional Crazy Fruits land-based machines, the slots available nowadays are much more challenging and visually engaging. Most of these online casino games are based on trending themes and creative subjects and are capable of keeping a gambler hooked for many hours. Spinomenal is one of the top software providers of this industry and their efforts of creating flawless online slot machines don’t go unnoticed. Gamblers all over the world are fascinated with their products and if you need any proof, you should know that over 2.5 million players have enjoyed online casino games created by Spinomenal. For a better understanding and a deeper analysis into the special features of this modern software provider, keep reading this article and find out all you need to know about Spinomenal 1. Spinomenal’s history 2. Games 3. Special features and products 4. Conclusion

A closer look at Spinomenal

Curiously enough, even though they have a whooping portfolio of almost 100 online slot machines and other casino games and over 2 million active players, Spinomenal was founded at the end of 2014. The results are remarkable for such a young company and many online casinos are lining up to become their partners. They describe themselves as fearless professionals who have what it takes to develop innovative online casino games that could fascinate even the most pretentious gamblers. They are experts in HTML 5 and have a penchant for thinking out-of-the-box. In such a crowded industry, originality is the key! And by looking at their online slot machines, you’ll get a better idea of what these guys are really capable of producing. Their slots are built with two essential ingredients: impeccable design and challenging gameplay. Any slots that have these key elements, won’t be needing any more “sugar, spice, and everything nice”. Gamblers are looking for casino games that have a modern touch and the ability to prevent them from getting bored. This is why modern slot machines have a storyline and intriguing characters to accompany the players throughout the game.

Types of games produced by Spinomenal

Like any other professional software provider out there, Spinomenal is coming up with a great variety of online casino games that players can enjoy while winning extra cash. Most online casinos have chosen to incorporate slots developed by Spinomenal and chances are you already played one of their games. Check out the following list of slots developed by this software provider: • Macau • Scattered slot • Win multiplier • Multi Choice • Stacked symbols • Moving feature • Feature reel • Evolving symbols I hope this isn’t too confusing but if you’re a beginner, I guarantee that after a few rounds you will be an expert in any of these categories. You should know that regardless of the complexity of a slot, this type of casino game is designed to be easy to understand, engaging, and fast-paced. Unlike other casino games such as poker, slots go much faster and the wins will definitely come quicker.

Let’s discuss some of Spinomenal’s most popular online slot machines:

• Lucky Charms: this Asian themed slot gather together all the good luck symbols you can think of. And come to think of it, what’s a casino game without good luck? get ready to spin 5 reels while listening to beautiful Asian songs. • Fortune Keepers: it looks like Kung Fu Panda had a great impact and it inspired a lot of slots, including this one. You will notice that Spinomenal has a thing for casino games with an Asian theme. And dare I say, they are doing a marvelous job in designing these games! The details of this slot machine are remarkable and it will take a while until you discover all the hidden surprises. • Egyptian Rebirth: the Egyptian theme is the most popular subjects used for a slot and Spinomenal sure knows how to design Egyptian symbols! The good news is that you get a lot of helpful special features that make it much easier to hit a winning combination. • Exploding Pirates: If you’re a Jack Sparrow fan, you mustn’t miss this game. The characters are extremely intriguing and the storyline will take you in a real adventure. Moreover, the treasure you’re fighting for is quite impressive and since the maximum bet goes up to 250, you can only imagine just how valuable the prize is. • Forbidden Slot: this game is not like any online casino games you’ve might have played before. This time, you’ve got sexy Angels kissing even sexier Devils. If you want to find out more, I won’t give you any juicier details. You’ll have to discover them for yourself. • Tennis Champion: it doesn’t matter if you’re rooting for Nadal or Federer, this stunning slot will get you in the mood for a professional competition. And since it only has 5 different paylines, beginners will have a great time learning the rules and developing their personal gaming strategy.

Special features that Spinomenal develop

You know how th world revolves around the internet? It’s a real tragedy when the connection is bad but Spinomenal took care of that. All players, no matter how bad the connection is, will be able to play their games because most of the are less than 3MB. That’s impressive give their complexity! Game providers will find that Spinomenal developed a clever way of using API. It only takes 7 days, and they will assist you through the whole process. They have a backend and promotion system that beats anything else available on the market. Not to mention that they offer a full admin control that gives you powerfull tools to manage the risks and maximize profit.


Spinomenal is a professional software provider that’s aiming to get to the top. And with the innovations this company is bringing to the industry, online casinos are lining up to be their partners.

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