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WMS is one of the oldest software providers if you look at it from the very beginning of the company, even before they actually started creating slot machines and were only focused on other types of games. Learn more about their journey and find out what makes them special by reading the review below!
  1. WMS Software Provider History
  2. WMS Gaming trademarks
  3. Why play casino games by WMS Software Provider

WMS Software Provider History

WMS Gaming is a software provider that is based in Chicago. They have had one of the longest runs in the gaming business. They have been around from 1943 when WMS Industries was founded by Williams Manufacturing Company. Their main goal was to create pinball machines and video arcades. This went on until 2000 because at that time people were no longer interested in these types of games. Still, they had already begun their transition into the world of gambling because in 1994 they started making slot machines. After their first couple of slot machines were deemed a success they started adding more features to them and in 1996 they created the best casino game of the year, Reel 'em in, which had multiple pay lines and an extra bonus round. After this, they continued to create more and more slot machines that were exceptional, but in 2001 they encountered a pretty big bump in the road. There was a software issue with the that made it possible for gamblers to win incredible amounts of money without even making a single deposit. Because of one problem never comes alone and always has to bring more along with it, another important software provider of the gambling industry, IGT, sued WMS Gaming for a patent issue. Still WMS software provider didn't let these setbacks throw them down completely, instead, they recovered in a fantastic way. They introduced into the gambling world an exceptional slot machine that was inspired by a famous board game, Monopoly. This one along with other casino games took them straight to the top once more and they regained their rightful position.

WMS Gaming trademarks

The internet is the element that made or broke a lot of software providers when it came into the picture and changed gambling as we knew it forever. WMS Gaming rose to the occasion and stepped up their game and started creating even more online casino games to keep up with the times. This meant that they had to take some decisions about what themes to focus on in their video slot games, how to create better graphics and insert amazing bonus games in regular gameplay of a video slot. They thought about the fact that this move into online casinos meant that people were also a bit tired of old fruit machines and that they should focus more on something modern. This is how they came up with amazing movie themed online slot machines that took the world of gambling by storm, with names such as Men in Black, Star Trek or Lord of the Rings. While a lot of the producers that make up their competition, WMS software provider tried their hardest to always remain on top and bring something new to every online slot machine they produced. They made detailed and impressive graphics with animations and visual effects off the charts and also a mind-blowing soundtrack to round things up and take their video slot games to the next level. WMS Gaming will also focus a lot on graphics and sound effects and make sure that every title you choose from their portfolio reflects what they are capable of so that you will stick with them and continue spinning the reels for real money. In the entire portfolio of WMS Gaming, it would be hard to find a couple of traditional online slot machines that have gems or fruits. They like to take everything, graphically speaking, to the next level and to use eye-catching colors and symbols. Even the themes they use have some sort of twist on them. The fairytale theme, for example, was changed by them to make it a lot more appropriate for an online casino game. In Lil' Red Riches they took the story of Little Red Riding Hood and gave it a more modern take with characters that seem to fit right in into an online slot machine. A great thing about this online slot, as well as all the other online slot machines they create, is that that they all work flawlessly directly from your browser, you don not require to download any kind of extra software, you can begin playing the perfect video slot right away. In 2012 WMS Gaming started to focus on the development of online slot machines for mobile devices as well. Now they have a lot of online casino games that work perfectly with tablets and smartphones that use iOS or Android. In fact, they look just the same as they would if you were to open the online casino games in a browser from your laptop or PC. While most software providers of online slot machines stick to the online and to the mobile mediums at most, WMS software provider to expand even further. This is why in 2012 they teamed up with LAG and started creating online slot machines that will work on Facebook as well. Social Media has begun to be a crucial element in our day to day lives so it makes perfect sense to focus on this as well and try to take over it to grow even bigger. In these online casino games, players will be rewarded lucky charms for sharing their progress on their Facebook pages, for example, so that players with different backgrounds could see the online casino games and start playing them as well. If you're not into social media gaming just yet we recommend you give it a try, but if you want to stick to the classics then you should begin with The Wizard of Oz. If you want a more interesting mythology themed online casino game try Zeus too.

Why play casino games by WMS Software Provider

Because WMS Gaming never gives up, no matter how hard things get, and always picks itself up and goes even higher than before. They have a lot of online casino games and they are all done with great care. Their video slot games deserve at least a spin!

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